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Changeblock reduces time-to-money by providing data-driven integrity for sustainable projects

for planet repair companies

Carbon Credits as a Value Source

Less than 1 year to market
Risk Modelling
Leading Market Data
High integrity Assets align with ISOs and ICVCM

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Reduced Transaction Times

Flexible to buy
High frequency

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Changeblock: Pioneering Climate Action Through Technological Excellence

Project Development

At ChangeBlock, we offer comprehensive advisory services with a focus on environmental asset creation in emerging markets. Our proprietary 'data-to-credit' technology, backed by scientifically rigorous assessments, streamlines the carbon credit creation process while enhancing asset integrity. Leveraging our technology, we provide risk ratings to projects, elevating their value and marketability.

Exchange and Trading

Our secure trading platform specializes in the exchange, settlement, and custody of environmental assets. Advanced technology optimizes liquidity and reduces transaction times. AI-driven risk management and real-time analytics inform trading decisions and enable forward selling, adding depth to asset trading.

Solutions Overview

Market Position Analysis

  • Expert guidance on your Carbon Market Opportunity suitable for private and public companies, as well as NGOs. This work details the environmental asset options available, including value forecasting, time to money, finance, and trade.

  • Specialized advisory services targeting developing countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, as well as Clean Technologies and Energy Transition in Europe, USA, Canada and the Middle East

Project Origination

  • Scientific assessments

  • Regulatory compliance

  • CO2 source evaluation

  • Infrastructure and life-cycle assessments

  • Carbon credit evaluation

Financial and Technological Tools

Our 'data-to-credit' technology simplifies emission credit creation through:
Data Collection & Environmental Monitoring:
Utilizing Real Time Monitoring for real-time data and remote sensing.
Blockchain Storage:
Ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.
Asset Monetization:
Auditable digitization of carbon credits and energy certificates.
Exchange, Settlement & Custody:
Secure trading platform for environmental assets.
Liquidity & Lending:
Access to capital and working capital optimization.
Proprietary Technology:
Simplifying carbon credit management and enabling scalability.

Risk Management Tools

  • Comprehensive tools for risk calculation and portfolio management

  • Insurance valuation for greenhouse gas credit delivery

For End Users

  • Simplified asset buying and selling

  • Asset transfer

  • Liquidity and lending optimization

The Changeblock Difference

Technological Integration:
Real-time data and blockchain validation.
Asset Monetization:
Transforming green assets into tradable financial products.
End-to-End Service Spectrum:
From credit generation to settlement.
Marketplace Ecosystem:
Lower due diligence costs and faster market readiness.
Innovative Financial Instrumentation:
Structured financial products to enhance liquidity.

Competitive Positioning

Changeblock sets itself apart through the seamless integration of data science, remote sensing, and blockchain technology. We offer a scientifically rigorous and financially innovative platform for climate action, serving as a linchpin in the carbon market ecosystem.

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