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Changeblock, Stabiliti unite for Verified Carbon Credits per UKCCC rules

Changeblock Announces Strategic Partnership with Stabiliti for Verified Carbon Credits in Alignment with UKCCC Principles

Changeblock, a leading environmental credit exchange and data provider, today announced its strategic partnership with Stabiliti, an automated carbon removal solution for businesses. This collaboration is a significant stride in channeling capital into nature-based solutions, particularly forestry and land-based management, as part of the transition to long-term environmental sustainability.

As part of the partnership, Stabiliti will provide Changeblock with a selection of verified carbon credits, which will be bundled and offered to buyers through Changeblock's innovative platform. These credits have been meticulously vetted and meet the stringent standards of the [UK Carbon Code of Conduct UKCCC. The UKCCC, a not-for-profit entity, ensures that the credits offered by Changeblock and Stabiliti have a genuine and lasting environmental impact, upholding principles of assured additionality, permanence, avoidance of leakage, and avoidance of negative outcomes.

In addition to its collaboration with Changeblock, Stabiliti has partnered with Re-Generation Earth, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between individuals, companies, and landowners committed to addressing the planet's challenges. Re-Generation Earth serves as a catalyst and conduit, facilitating collaborative efforts and empowering landowners to implement solutions that mitigate climate change.

"We are thrilled to partner with Stabiliti in our mission to create a global net-zero economy," says Billy Richards, an Oxford University educated Biochemist, now CEO of Changeblock. "Stabiliti's portfolio of verified carbon credits, aligned with the UKCCC, perfectly complements our commitment to enhancing credit integrity, transparency, and trading options. This partnership enables us to provide buyers on our platform with high-quality carbon credits that drive real environmental impact."

The collaboration between Changeblock and Stabiliti exemplifies a shared vision for addressing climate change and accelerating the adoption of sustainable practices. By leveraging Stabiliti's expertise in carbon offsetting and Changeblock's innovative platform, both organizations are actively contributing to advancing an eco-friendly future with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

About Changeblock

Changeblock is a leading provider of environmental asset investment solutions. Its 'data-to-credit' technology enhances credit integrity, transparency, and trading options, providing new risk management tools, and enabling more efficient transactions. The company's mission is to drive changes in the financial ecosystem required to decelerate global warming and accelerate biodiversity. For more information, please visit

About Stabiliti

Stabiliti is a pioneering carbon solution provider for businesses. Through automated and meaningful carbon removal, Stabiliti integrates with existing systems to deliver accurate offsetting and reporting effortlessly. Stabiliti's partnerships with verified, high-quality carbon offset producers, including Re-Generation Earth, ensure authentic carbon removal, addressing transparency, trust, and traceability issues.

Media contact:

Cameron Thomas for Changeblock
416 660 9801 (Canada)
c[email protected]

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Changeblock, Stabiliti unite for Verified Carbon Credits per UKCCC rules
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Changeblock, Stabiliti unite for Verified Carbon Credits per UKCCC rules

Changeblock has announced a strategic partnership with Stabiliti, an automated carbon removal provider. The collaboration aims to channel capital into nature-based solutions and offer verified carbon credits in accordance with the UK Carbon Code of Conduct (UKCCC). Changeblock will offer Stabiliti's carbon credits to buyers through its platform. The partnership enhances credit integrity, transparency and drives real environmental impact towards a global net-zero economy.
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