Changeblock & Cargo Finance: A $10M Green Boost

Changeblock and Cargo Finance Announce Collaboration to Deliver $10 Million USD in Liquidity for Environmental Credits

January 26, 2023 12:12 PM Eastern Standard Time

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Changeblock, a global carbon market technology company that develops innovative technologies for creating high integrity tradeable offsets from trustworthy and transparent sources, today announced a collaboration with UK fintech innovator Cargo Finance, a provider of liquidity solutions for alternative assets to deliver at least $10 million USD in liquidity for environmental credits on the Changeblock platform. The first tranches of liquidity will be released in the next three months.

Cargo Finance and Changeblock are together facilitating the creation of a $10M USD permissioned liquidity system for environmental credits on the Changeblock platform. This brings $10M of on-chain assets into the environmental markets in a reliable transparent manner using effective KYC and 'whitelisting'. The resulting liquidity pool can be used to fill buy and sell orders for Changeblock's credits. Changeblock builds on the leading standards and industry best practices.

A "permissioned liquidity system" refers to a system in which the access and participation are restricted and controlled by a central authority or group of authorities. This system allows for the management of liquidity (the availability of funds or assets to meet financial obligations) within a closed network, such as a private or enterprise setting. This can include the management and allocation of funds, the creation and execution of financial transactions, and the monitoring of compliance with regulations.

The collaboration empowers Changeblock on its mission to unite the environmental market and make it universally accessible and effective and provide straightforward capital solutions to project developers and clean technology companies producing high quality environmental credits, promoting a high-integrity, global environmental market. Cargo Finance and Changeblock's collaboration will help organizations and professionals to unlock the value of the environmental markets, and together they will help establish a more transparent and secure market for environmental credits.

Changeblock's CEO Billy Richards, a computational biochemist-cum-entrepreneur, who was educated at the University of Oxford said, "We are excited to be collaborating with Cargo Finance to bring much needed liquidity to the environmental credit market. This collaboration marks just the beginning of what we hope to be a year of liquidity, broken barriers, and efficiency gains for the high integrity carbon market of the future. It will additionally help to make environmental credits more accessible and more attractive to investors. We believe it will help to drive the growth of the market and help bridge private sector finance into biodiversity preservation and climate change mitigation."

Simon Barducci, CEO of Cargo Finance, said, "We are thrilled to be working with Changeblock to bring liquidity to the environmental credit market. Our collaboration will help to establish a more transparent and secure market for environmental credits and make them more attractive to investors. We believe it will help to drive the growth of the environmental credit market and support the transition to a more sustainable future."

About Changeblock

Changeblock creates global markets that make the creation and trade of environmental assets for individuals, businesses, and governments easy, affordable, transparent, secure, and environmentally responsible. The company is led by professionals with deep expertise in technology and environmental credits with proven track records of building and delivering solutions that work in the real world, including members of the team that created the first carbon credit, and come from top global organisations.

About Cargo

Cargo began its journey in the second half of 2021 as a research project investigating liquidity for alternative assets. In 2021 we won the First Prize at ETHGlobal for a novel innovation which built upon several cutting-edge technologies in the market. By 2022 we had integrated a number of partner systems and realized we could use our systems to overcome fragmentation and provide liquidity and later that year we went live for structured products and permissioned pools for regulated entities.


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