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Essential Policies and Guides

Changeblock is committed to High Integrity at all times. We are led by our key values of
Risk Management
Legal obligations and commitments to transparency
Legal obligations and commitments to transparency

Changeblock is committed to maintaining transparency and upholding legal obligations. We comply with laws, regulations, and guidelines set by governing bodies and regulatory authorities. The company provides accurate reporting and disclosure of carbon credit projects and transactions. Data privacy and security are prioritized, and measures are taken to prevent conflicts of interest. We have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery and engage in open dialogue with stakeholders. Continuous improvement is pursued to enhance the quality and integrity of carbon credit offerings, driving positive environmental change. By adhering to these principles, Changeblock aims to build trust and credibility while delivering value to clients and making a positive impact.

Integrity Guarantee
Integrity Guarantee

The Changeblock Integrity Guarantee is designed to provide buyers with peace of mind when exposing or acquiring credits using Changeblock. In addition to globally recognised standards, we perform significant additional checks to give you peace of mind when purchasing environmental credits.

Transactions Policy
Transactions Policy

Changeblock ensures accuracy, transparency, and sustainable development on our environmental credit exchange platform. We verify buyers and sellers through robust checks, provide clear policies and guidelines, offer education and training, monitor transactions continuously, maintain comprehensive documentation of carbon credits, have a dedicated team of experts overseeing transactions, and strive for continuous improvement based on industry standards and user feedback.